What is GSoC? The Google Summer of Code, often abbreviated to GSoC, is an international annual program in which Google awards stipends to students who successfully complete a free and open-source software coding project during the summer.

Little bit background about me. My name is Vatsal kulshreshtha, I am from…

Attended Google Cloud Community Days India (Day 1)

#GoogleCloudCommunityDaysIndia — is a flagship event organised by 10 GDG Cloud communities in India to help you prepare for Google Cloud Certifications.

Today was the first day of this event and I learned about GCP (Google Cloud Platforms) and it’s certifications.

They taught us about the benefits of GCP certification and roadmap to crack the examination.

GCP included services like, compute engine, Kubernetes, cloud run, app engine, cloud functions and firebase. This list is order in a way that first service is highly customisable and the last is highly managed.

It depends the project need to decide which service is best fit. Google team also arranged some fun activities and quizes, in which anyone can take part and stand a chance to win google swags, and sponsorship for google cloud certification.

Day18: 20 Days of learning challenge

So, you are a student or a working professional in computer science indsutry. You must have your resume right beside you, am I right? Do you think only resume is enough for showing your skillset nowadays? Many company ask for your portfolio website (if…

Continue working on website

Today, I completed the basic layout of the website with animations and responsiveness.

I haven’t deployed it yet. Talking about deployment, there are many free services we can use to host our website. For starters, I like netlify, it’s free and easy to use. It also have feature to send the submitted forms to your email when someone submit a query.

Day 15: 20 Days of learning challenge

Honestly, I never enjoyed making websites in html/css, but it’s also true that these are the base of any website on the internet. Even if we use javascript frameworks like React at many point in time we need to handle html stuff.


Backend for medical services

Today I have completed backend development for a management system which will be used in medical industry.

Features: Patient Appointment, Registration, Live Chat (Nice to have) and Patient history.

Now I will be researching about which tech stack to choose for frontend. React, Vue, etc. I will also share my experience in these both framework.

As of now, the website is made by using HTML and CSS, now I will be updating that too.

Website link: https://rehabit.in/

Open source project work flow

Today, I attended a meeting of one of the open source project in which I am a maintainer. We will learn what is the procedure of implementing new features in an open source project.

Note: The process might be different for other orgs.

Step 1…

Day 12: 20 Days of learning challenge

As I always say, do not take ideas from internet. Try to solve a problem which you and your surroundings are facing. Wether you make an app or a website it’s all about motive behind it.

Anyhow, if you want some good ideas…

SwiftUI Design

Today I have completed my UI task which was assigned to me for a position of iOS Developer Intern in a company which offers services to book private jets and helicopters.

The task is to design UI of a food delivery app. I need to design the checkout screen and a progress bar which shows progress of a current status of the order.

Here is the final result:

Vatsal kulshreshtha

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