Attended Google Cloud Community Days India (Day 1)

#GoogleCloudCommunityDaysIndia — is a flagship event organised by 10 GDG Cloud communities in India to help you prepare for Google Cloud Certifications.

Today was the first day of this event and I learned about GCP (Google Cloud Platforms) and it’s certifications.

They taught us about the benefits of GCP certification and roadmap to crack the examination.

GCP included services like, compute engine, Kubernetes, cloud run, app engine, cloud functions and firebase. This list is order in a way that first service is highly customisable and the last is highly managed.

It depends the project need to decide which service is best fit. Google team also arranged some fun activities and quizes, in which anyone can take part and stand a chance to win google swags, and sponsorship for google cloud certification.



Continue working on website

Today, I completed the basic layout of the website with animations and responsiveness.

I haven’t deployed it yet. Talking about deployment, there are many free services we can use to host our website. For starters, I like netlify, it’s free and easy to use. It also have feature to send the submitted forms to your email when someone submit a query.



Backend for medical services

Today I have completed backend development for a management system which will be used in medical industry.

Features: Patient Appointment, Registration, Live Chat (Nice to have) and Patient history.

Now I will be researching about which tech stack to choose for frontend. React, Vue, etc. I will also share my experience in these both framework.

As of now, the website is made by using HTML and CSS, now I will be updating that too.

Website link: