Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

First of all, let’s talk about the word MARKETING. Marketing is process to convince the targeted audience for a particular product or service of a company. Common example of marketing can be, Pepsi promoting there drink by an advertisement on television.

Now come to next topic i.e. Different forms of marketing. Currently their are more than seven different forms of marketing and they are classified into two different categories:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

It is the form of marketing in which a company promote their product online either on the internet or on television. Digital Marketing developed became popular in between 1990 and 2000 as this the the period where people are becoming more active on the internet. It the most popular form of marketing in today’s world.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  1. It is the most powerful form of marketing.
  2. Global reach, one can reach to the global audience even if they are at home.
  3. Lower Cost, advertising on internet is lower than that of printing templates or posters.
  4. Personalisation, a company can personalise their advertisements according to the geographical region.
  5. Company can easily measure their growth by opting digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

It is the another form of marketing which includes marketing through newspapers, templates, huge posters, door to door marketing etc. This type of marketing is very old and performed by many small businesses for small audiences. Like, when a cafe needs to promote their delicious food to a particular audience of a place.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

  1. It easy to reach to local audience.
  2. Messages generated through traditional media stays for a long time.
  3. Traditional media has access to people who are not yet introduced to internet.
  4. It provides instant delivery of messages.
  5. It is easy to understand.

So, which form of marketing is better? Ok, this question has a simple answer i.e. Digital Marketing. To prove it let’s compare both types of marketing.

Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and digital marketing have their own pros and cons. In traditional marketing company can not grow faster globally because traditional marketing only reach to certain people of particular area whereas digital marketing has global reach.

Also by Digital marketing company can keep their eye on the growth of their product region wise and can analyse their product/service by other competitors companies. But traditional marketing takes some points when it comes to an area or a particular region where people are not yet introduced to internet services or any type of television services, they do not know about social media, news channels, internet. Only those types of people are perfect for knowing about a new product/service by traditional marketing form. Also it is very easy to understand by people. But, according to cost for marketing, digital marketing is far better than traditional one because all the advertising materials designed digitally and can be personalised easily according to the targeted audience but if a company prints their new product posters than. they will not be able to retouch the poster and use it anywhere else. Also by making websites company earns money but not in case of showing posters to public.


Traditional marketing itself sounds very old and it is only useful if targeted audience is less and belongs to only one place. In today’s world small business are opting digital marketing, every single company is promoting their product/service on televisions,social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. Also they are now able to keep track of their sales by opting digital marketing.

In my opinion, digital marketing is the best way to promote products. As it also have a global reach. Traditional marketing can not cope with the today’s needs of consumers.