How to learn any technological concept — fast

Day 8: 20 Days of learning challenge — Instagram Journey @vatsal_iosdev

It’s true that we all struggle when we first learn to code. Nowadays new tech is launching every day and many of us want to learn them in shortest time but even after we purchased an online course we cannot complete it or we do not want to complete it. It’s human nature, at initial stage we are very excited but after few days/weeks we tend to loose interest in it.

The one who are able to handle this dip can easily learn anything in shortest time possible. Learning a new technology might be difficult but there is way we can make it interest and definitely get some impressive results.

The method I will share is tested by me and I found it very effective. It’s not a secret but a very easy concept of learning that is practical learning. We heard this term ‘practical learning’ very often but not everyone know how to take advantage from this.

In technology, we can relate this term with project based learning. Many online platform offers project based learning and they help you in making 4–5 project throughout the course. Even these kind of courses can make someone to loose interest.

Other courses/tutorials teach us to make clone of an existing application using the tech stack we want to learn. Like “Make twitter clone using ReactJS”. This is a good approach to learn something, as the project we will be building is already a hit in technology field and making the clone of that is no doubt, interesting.

Personally, I don’t like this learning technique as it made us very ambitious about our skills because to be honest no single person can make a twitter clone. Twitter, Facebook, Google are results of decades of collective efforts and work of a team.

Yes, it’s true nowadays we have much advanced tools to make better clones but it is a clone afterall. It does no belong to you and you can not make money from it.

Then which method worked for me? I always believe that our mind is the biggest pool of ideas. No learning method is good if you do not devote your mind energy towards learning it. Our brain is made in such a way that tends to catch information fast which we want to hear or learn.

Then why not let our mind decide what we want to learn. How to do it? We all have some problems in our lives, and if we are able to solve one of them, it is a great achievement for us and for our family & friends. Most problems can have a technological solution wether by building a website, making mobile app or a hardware device. Think of a problem you are facing in your daily life and start searching on google about the problem and it’s possible solution.

Our brain releases a chemical called dopamine when we are doing something we are attached to or love doing. Let’s suppose I love my pet dog and I want to get notified when it’s time for his meal. Now I know the problem and the possible solution can be — making an app which reminds me at a particular time of a day.

When I learn technology by keeping my pet’s situation in mind I tend to learn fast and make maximum out of it. This technique can also be profitable in terms of money, if you are able to solve your problem by technology and realises that it is a very common problem around the world, then you can turn your solution into startup and make money out of it. Facebook, Google, Paypal are some examples of this.

Do not look for projects on internet. Look around you for a problem and try to solve it. Follow me on Instagram @vatsal_iosdev I willl be sharing my coding journey there and we can learn collaboratively.